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Rubie Red

Rubie Red is a rapper, singer, and songwriter who focuses her talents on modern day hip hop with an edge. Rubie Red grew up in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY, but has also lived in many other states on the east coast. Her motto is “Dare To Be Different”, which is exhibited in every song she creates. The great Earl “The Pearl” Monroe once told her that if she continues on her career path, that she is destined to become an icon.

Rubie Red has been chosen by Zashen Productions to write and record the soundtrack to their upcoming movie “The Makings of a Dream”. The soundtrack will consist of eight songs which includes the theme song “The Makings of a Dream”. Rubie Red will be performing two of the songs live from the soundtrack at the premiere of the movie in February 2014. After the movie premiere the soundtrack will be available for purchase on the internet via, itunes, soundcloud, etc.

Rubie Red takes the time out to mentor and support anyone who seeks her help. Her plans are to release a few solo albums and to collaborate with various artists in the music industry, and also eventually owning her own record label in the future, and helping the younger generation to develop their talents. Working with Zashen Productions on “The Makings of a Dream” movie soundtrack will give Rubie Red the platform she needs to showcase her multiple talents.

“lift your head up, to the sky/ and dream big, don’t give up/ got a couple of strikes, but never let up/ was destined to use the gifts that God gave, life gotta get better”………….(The Makings of a Dream) Rubie Red

 rubie-red-themakings-of- a -dream



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