Austin Paul


The Austin Paul Menswear brand is  geared towards, modernizing classic looks! From the very subtle and straight forward to fine cuts with unique detail and strong color. Austin-Paul New York coveys a the furture of fashion without forgetting the past !

Austin Paul  is a graduate of GIBBS NY. Soon after graduating he landed several positions around the fashion district varying from apparel and textile retail to design firms as freelance / ass’t design to designer !  making every opportunity a learning experience he began to apply what he calls the “Laws of Design” to his personal work, ‘ Austin-Paul ‘.

Pleating, Angling, Structure, Bold Color, A-symmetrical detailing are just some on the fabrications that define the eye capturing grasp of  the Austin Paul Brand.. Austin Paul  menswear has been featured in an array of Fashion Blogs, Photo shoots, and events. He has captured the eyes of many across the country! In particular producer of Lil Wayne’s “Lolly Pop”, Darius “Deezle” Harrison, and ‘IMTA’ VIP recruiter Frederick Levy.

The Austin Paul brand is bold, its for that man who wants to  be classy and at the same time to stand out in the crowd .






,   Austin-Paul-The-Makings-Of-A-Dream










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