Bchris Couture


Bchris Couture

It all started with Barbie. At the age of six, fashion designer, Baaba Christian was using scraps of fabric to create and design garments for her dolls. Meanwhile, as her mother would say, most girls at that age were playing a Ghanaian game called Ampe.

As a daughter of a diplomat, Baaba was fortunate enough to live amongst a variety of cultures. “Experiencing these different cultures enhanced my love for fashion.”She says. And this directly reflected in her decisions and actions through the years. In High School, she enrolled in a four year fashion program and became president of their Fashion Club. Many of the students remember Miss Christian constantly developing new pieces and even custom making her prom dress.


Bchris Couture

To expand her knowledge in the field, in 2009 Baaba earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising. During that time she also focused on advancing in fashion design. This brought on an ambitious drive to pursue marketing because every designer should be educated in the field to run a fashion empire. In February 2009, Bchris Couture was founded. The company’s specialty is to produce custom garments for their clientele. Many patterns are infused with African essence. Miss Christian produces her garments with a distinct flare. Her belief is that they should convey grace, poise and class.

Bchris Couture designs by Baaba Christian have been featured in magazines such as Face2Face, Africa magazine, Dopefiles, Preppstar Dreamin, Infectious vids. In addition to appearing at numerous university fashion shows, this has increased local buzz about the designer and her brand. Baaba Christian also teaches fashion to middle school and high school students. She often encourages them to express their creativity through their own style.

Baaba Christian knows that the ability to create and design is a gift that GOD has given her . (exodus35:35)”You will never know where fashion will take you.” Inspired by the hard work of her parents, the same work ethic was instilled in her at a very young age. In the future, the possibilities are endless for Baaba Christian. One day she hopes her designs will tell her story. “Fashion is my first love.”

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