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The Mission of ImaniLia Fashions

The Mission of ImaniLia is to make the women of the world feel beautiful thru clothing and accessories. Fine fabrics and the finest of detail go into everything that comes from ImaniLia. Royalty is what we want every customer to feel like. Everything we do has a unique touch and any woman in a piece by ImaniLia doesn’t need to worry about the woman next to her having her outfit. ImaniLia is ALWAYS in style!!




About ImaniLia the Company

Imani Whyte is the fashionable and creative mind behind ImaniLia Designs. Born and raised in Harlem, NY she began designing and making clothes at the young age of 10. She began making clothes for herself and friends, while showcasing her talent in fashion shows at church and throughout New York City. Understanding the impact garments can have on their wearer is Imani’s key to great design.

Continuing to sharpen her skills and enhance her eye for fashion and her signature style through high school, Imani perfected her skills by studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design the University for Creative Careers (SCAD) and graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Fashion Design with a Minor in Accessory Design.

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While in college Imani was proclaimed “Fashion Forward” in the April/May 2009 issue of The South magazine for her collection inspired by the 50s Hollywood Glam look. Her drive was to create classic glamorous looks that transcend age and personality with gowns and dresses that would enhance the flair, style, and uniqueness of every woman who dons each garment. Since then ImaniLia Fashions has been featured in music videos as well as on various international blogs and Magazines including a photo spread in the UK’s DeFuzed Magazine (Issue 9, 2012). In early 2012 actress Keesha Sharp was seen wearing a piece from her 2011 collection in Todays Black Woman Style Report.

Imani has kept her plate full with major fashion shows, and an all-new collection, photo shoots, speaking engagements, and a stronger team behind her to continue to help her successes rise steadily. Imani is a designer to watch for;  you will be seeing the name and the line much, much more!



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